New UI: Pin Table to Node

In the new UI there is a panel at the bottom showing the output data for a node. When another node is selected this table changes. In some situations it would be useful to pin the table to a specific node when adding downstream nodes - for instance nodes that filter or modify the contents of columns and referencing the original table would be useful. In the classic (better) interface it is possible to leave the output window for the node open and pushed onto a separate screen, however, with the new UI this is not possible. Pinning the table to a node would provide an interim solution until the functionality of the new UI evolves.

It would also be helpful to have a tabbed interface in the lower window so that pinned tables could be shown as part of a tabbed interface and switching between tabs shows a different node output. This makes it quicker and easier to switch between relevant node outputs.

Not enjoying the new UI :frowning: