new UI (since KNIME 5.0)

It is a bad idea to launch a new UI which is no ready to use. This seems to be development by users feedback. Even the look and some improvements are very nice and well thought, there a lot of points lacking usabiliy.

For instance:

If some workflow name are long and very similar and they only differ at the end (e.g. a version number), someone can not see the whole workflow name - neither in the tab nor in the left column. Additionally, the left column cannot be adjusted to manage that the whole workflow name come into view.

Hi @spf,
Thank you for your feedback. Be assured that our UX team is reading this and is taking notes. In the meantime, we have of course not eliminated the old UI and you can easily switch back if the new one is not yet the one for you. Just click on the small (i) symbol on the top-right, then click the button “Switch to KNIME classic user interface”. Now the AP will always open in the old perspective and you can choose to switch to the new UI whenever you feel it is ready.
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