New user - need help with downloading data from thoughtspot into knime.

Hi, I’m a new user and am trying to understand how I can download data table from Thoughtspot directly into Knime. I have an embedded though spot table link that I want to be downloaded as a csv or excel file. I can’t share the actual link or the full data, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

what the imbedded link looks like:

Sample image of the Thoughtspot table.

If the provide and API I would try using that. Otherwise use Get Request node to extract the html and try to extract the table.

Hey thanks for the quick reply. I am an absolute beginner at this. I was following a training video and did start with Get Request, but the training video then uses XML to JSON which gives me an error. Is there a node path you can recommend that would help me download the file and then convert to excel or csv. I can work on it from there. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you request and api you normally get json so you can use the json path node to extract the data.
With webpages (html code or xml structure) you probably need to use xpath nodes for parsing
You could also check out the webpage retriever node

Maybe that could help as well
If possible I would always go with the api. Json parsing is the easiest way for data extraction


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