Newb in KNIME - FIND, EXTRACT AND PUT IN A NEW COLUMN specific words in a cell

Hello, KNIME Newb here. I am transposing a formula in excel and migrating to kKNIMEnime. Below is the screenshot of my formula which basically, looks upon specific words in a Column containing long sentences.


  1. Nodes/Combination needed to migrate it to Knime
  2. I also need to follow the below hierarchy:

I appreciate your help.
Thanks, Maribeth

The “LIKE” function of the Rule Engine node will help you accomplish this.
Just create a rule for each keyword search, and list them in the order in which you want them applied.
An example rule would be:

$GL Journal Line Description$ LIKE "*Proquest*" => "Proquest"


Thank you very much! IT WORKED! :slight_smile: :grinning:

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In case you have many rules you might want to check Rule Engine (Dictionary) node. Also what can help you is free From Excel to KNIME book KNIME offers. You will find it on following page together with other books


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