Newbie Problem with Decimal and thousender seperater Knime American format my source data German

I have a basic problem with knime
In Germany and 54 other countries is the Numberformat #.###,00 in Knime is it #,###.00
Because of that all numbers read in Knime is in knime Format (like US) also when I change it by replacement the other nodes like String to number don’t recognize it anymore as an number so I think I want to change it in the Preferences but there it is not possible because it is not active because ther is only one format for numbers , double etc.
Hope you know already the Problem and have a easy or complex answer.

If you use the File Reader you can set the decimal separator


Hi @Rwerner !

Regarding String To Number node there is an option for thousand and decimal separator. So define it there and it should work :wink:



Thank you Mlauber but I have to use the Excel Reader, because it is a Excel file with 35 sheets and I do it in a loop which works all fine I need a basic change of the system Format for Numbers
I thought about Preferences but there it is not accessable here a picture

Thank you Ivan It is not working
Why there is no possibility to change the Numberformat to a Country I googled it an half of the world countries have a format with . as thousend seperater and , as dezimal seperater. I am realy wondering why nobady mentioned it before the workaround is not working
I have a number read in by the Excelreader before in excel 1.000,90 output in the reader 1000.9 as double.
I will always have this problem with the numbers there must be a possibility to change the basic number format do you know or know to whome I can adress that?

Hi there!

String to Number node should work. Can you create an example workflow so I can see where do you have error in String To Number node and in general?


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