I am newbiew to KNIME and after a weeks hassling I finally found a workaround to connect to my mainframe tables. However I can't figure out a basic thing.

I have following workflow

 Database Connector -> Database Table Seelctor-> Database RowFilter

I want to do a couple of things


1) Check the output of the row filter

2) If it looks good I want to output it to an XLS file


What are the steps I need to take? 


attached you can find an example worklfow that is reading some rows from a database and writes the result into an Excel file. It also explains how to have a peek at the result of each DB node via the node outport view.





Thanks for your input. I was doing exactly that. However at the output of the Database Connection Table Reader Node I am getting the below error

"Execute failed: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] ODBC--call failed."

Any pointers? 


Thanks for your help.