Newbies First install of community extension errors

I’m new to KNIME as of today. Version is 3.5.2 win64.

Tried to add Palladian extensions to work with web based csv files but after dragging any of those nodes on to new workflow, and choose to configure, I always just get a dialog that says it “cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to ‘StringValue’.”

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @ThomasB,
This error indicates that you need to connect a table that contains at least one String column to such a node before you can configure it. The wording is sadly a bit confusing, but whenever you encounter a No column in spec compatible to ‘XXXValue’. error it means that you are missing a column of type XXX in the input table.


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Ah, thanks. Yes, I thought it sounded like a breaking community extension node.