Next Steps after the Getting Started with KNIME Phase

Have you already passed the getting started phase in learning KNIME and now want to take the next steps and kickstart your data science journey? :rocket:

Or are you already familiar with a spreadsheet tool or any other statistical software and want to learn how to do the same things using KNIME Analytics Platform? :mag_right:

:bulb: Then the “Data Wrangling with KNIME Analytics Platform” cheat sheet is the right thing for you! This cheat sheet covers everything you need to access your data and bring it into the desired shape. It’s a collection of the most important nodes for tasks like data reading & writing, data cleaning, data filtering, or data transformation.
:arrow_right: See for yourself and download it here:
& find all our cheat sheets here: Cheat Sheets | KNIME

:books: FYI: If you already have experience with a similar platform/tool and want to move to KNIME Analytics Platform it’s also worth checking out our transition booklets from the KNIMEPress
:arrow_right: KNIME Press Overview | KNIME


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