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For a confirmation and clarification,
In “from words to wisdom” material on page 90 figure 4.8, there are three highlighted cells in red. Are those highlighted just as examples or because of those have the maximum sentence frequency?

Hey @ahmed_gomaa,

as far as I can see, these cells are highlighted because they are mentioned in the description of the figure: “[…] This data table is sorted by sentence frequency in descending order. Notice that the most frequently occurring word tri-grams at the sentence level over the whole Forum dataset are “knime analytics platform”, “java snippet node”, “string manipulation node”, “row filter node”, and other nodes of common usage.



But why the author didn’t highlight the first three cells?

I assume because the top 3 tri-grams are somewhat technical and often occur in logs that might have been pasted to a forum post. Instead, the author rather wanted to show what users wrote and cherry picked some more meaningful examples.

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