Nightly Build: No repository for community extensions


while trying to restore all installed packages, the followign error is thrown. This is preventing me from testing some fixes from other tickets. I will attempt to mitigate the issue by manually installing the required packages.

Could not query updates site for missing extensions
No repository found at


However, all repositories are reachable:


The 5.2 update site for community extensions doesn’t exist yet. Try using the 5.1 update site instead.

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Thanks @thor, maybe I recall it wrong but the nightly build repositories were set to point to 5.2. Can you confirm that or did my mind plaid a trick on me?

If that’s indeed the case, I’d suggest to:

  1. Add “nightly” instead of the next version which isn’t yet available
  2. Create Symlink(s) to the current stable version
  3. Add a note in the extension description right at the beginning which indicates this is the nightly build

This would allow to:

  1. Properly distinguish the repos
  2. Provide nightly extensions by simply removing the corresponding symlink to the current stable version
  3. Test stable and nightly extension in parallel (like Selnium Nodes do)