Nightly Build Power BI Connector and Db connector issues

Tried the Power BI connector with KNIME as part of daily build. Like the approach, but there are bugs in experience, wanted to highlight the same.

  1. Was trying to post multiple tables to a single data source, but it ended up creating 1 new data set for each table
  2. Need to be able to append or delete table withkn a workspace and data set in Power BI. (Power BI sstructure is Workspace - Data set - Table). Currenltly there is only option to append or overwrite to a data set and only assumes 1 table per data set which is incorrect.

Push Dataset/table defintions available can be reviweed ehre

The nightly build was unable to run my workflow from version 4.0 because it was unable to detect my existing db drivers (SQL server). Had a completely new driver defition for SQL server. Legacy and existing driver support must exist.

Hi @jvthomas21,

Thank you for your feedback on the new Power BI integration!

The Power BI API does not seem to allow adding tables to an existing dataset. The tables must be known when the dataset is created (“Push Datasets - Datasets PutTable” can change the specs of a table but not the name). Therefore, the current setup with only one input port is insufficient and we should probably add optional input ports to the node to create a dataset with multiple tables.

Sadly, there is no API for deleting a table from a dataset.

We will try our best to improve the experience.


Hello jvthomas21,
do you have the KNIME log with the driver related error or the error message itself? In general drivers that have been registered for the legacy database framework should work as usual with the legacy framework. As well as drivers registered for the new framework should continue to work with the new framework.

Hi Tobias,
Thank you for the response. The issue is that the drop donw list for the connectors do not even list any of the prior/legacy connectors for the different databases. I was finally able to figure out how to potentially connect using the new connector to sql server by having to define a custom java parameter to be able to specify the instance name. The default approach of server\instancename for all prior versions of the driver did not work.

Thank you for the response. I can try to take this up with Microsoft as a Microsoft Power BI partner to see if this is a limitation or something they can address to fix.

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