Nightly Builed?

How come, I’ve got a nightly build? It did not happened before. Please see my sites below

That’s odd. Wild guess - is that a holdover from a previous workspace, perhaps?

@ScottF, I installed new version in new folder. When I press Update KNIME … it installed nightly update. How I can restore a normal one?

Strange. I suppose I would install KNIME again in a new folder, and then double check the update sites before updating - if the nightly update site is present for some reason, you can remove it first.

I’m not sure why this would happen but I can ask internally. Sorry for the trouble.

I provided list of my sites. Do not know which of them is nightly. Also my current version look like this
Welcome to KNIME Analytics Platform v4.2.0.v202007080900
If possible, i’d like to fix my version without complete re installation.

Don’t have a good answer for you yet about the overall problem but I can tell you that the nightly update site is the fourth one on your list - check the URL.

If you would like to not have the nightly build in your list of update sites without re-installing, please just remove that site from your managed sites, or disable the update site. I don’t believe that having that site added will effect the functionality of your Knime AP client. If it does please let us know and we can look into it.

Thank you @ScottF and @ztrubow. It seems the site was added automatically after installation. I disabled it.

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