NIME ETL and SAP/DS ETL: Does it exist an equivalent object/node of the Table Compare object of SAP/DS for managing the incremental updating

I do not reach to found in KNIME a node equivalent to object Table_Comparison . This object allows to SAP/DS to manage easily the incremental updating i.e. it compare the data present in one table at the data that are incoming in the table and it reaches automatically to manage when it has to made updating in several rows, an insert and it keeps, in the target table, the data deleted in the source table. Does it exist a KNIME node that has the same feature of this SAP/DS powerful object? In ORACLE this stuff it’s called CDC (Change data Capture)
Here some resource of SAP/DS about this object:

BO Data Services - Comparison methods in the Table Comparison - Clariba website.

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Hi @DanGenEire

If i understand correctly, you just want to identify which data is really new comparing two tables. Is it?

try out this example of my own:

KNIME_example.knwf (39.8 KB)

Here you can find a more complete example:

KNIME_example_v2.knwf (64.1 KB)


Hi @ gonhaddock Thank you. The step which you describe is one of the step (the first) made from this Table_Compare (circled in the screenshot attached). In SAP/DS, the object Table_Compare makes this comparison and it reaches also to check if we had one or more values updates in one or more rows/columns : in this case this SAP/DS object updates automatically the modifications in the rows-columns. It reaches also to check if we have to add one or more new rows and in this case it adds automatically these one or more new rows. If in the source table one or more rows are deleted (a Case Number for example) this SAP/DS object keeps automatically the rows in the target table and it does not delete these rows here.

Hello, I have not experience with SAP as administrator, but the problem description was familiar to me.

The example that I shared with you, comes from pasting in a unique string from all the cells in a row, then encrypt it in SHA256, aiming to detect changes from two different time runs.

I hope you find this helpful.

This is the parametrization of SAP/DS object Table_Comparison:

Thank you gonhaddock

Hello @DanGenEire,

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Thank you to all. With the help of KNIME Helpdesk I found the node searched and it is the DBMerge.


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