No column in spec compatible to ‘DocumentValue’

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to connect my column data source (wich is a text column from a csv file) to a ‘Bag of words’ task and I’m getting the “No column in spec compatible to ‘DocumentValue’” error message. Could anyone help me with this?



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The description for this node says, "This node creates a bag of words (BoW) of a set of documents. A BoW consists of at least one column containing the terms occurring in the corresponding document. All term related columns like the document column can be selected in the node dialog and will be copied to the output table. "

Based on the screenshot you’ve posted, there is no compatible input column for this node to use, thus the error.

Hi @andersonc -

You’ll need to convert your text using a Strings To Document node before you can use many of the nodes in the KNIME Textprocessing extension.

If you’re new to the extension, you might want to check out this youtube playlist from our KNIMETV channel:

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