No Column Sun in Column Expressions Node?

Okay, am I missing something? I wanted to use the Column Expressions mode to sum columns and use the results in other formula. I see ColMax, ColMin, Max, Min, Avg etc but no Sum? Is there really no summation function in Column Expressions Node?

Hi @navywings.

You can do it with math formula node.


An alternative is to use the Groupby node with manual aggregation(sum) on the columns you want to sum.

Hi @navywings, from what you said, I believe you wish to find the sum of a number of columns (rather than summing rows). I’m perhaps the one missing something, but why does this require a dedicated function? Why can’t you simply add the required columns together?

column("Column1") + column("Column2") + column("Column3") + column("Column4")
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If @takbb assumption is correct then use column aggregator node. Col Expr is not always the best solution imho