No connection to MS Access Database

Hello Sevenhills,

KNIME 3.x runs with Java 8 and unfortunately Oracle has removed the standard JDBC-ODBC driver from the Java VM starting with Java 8. They encourage people to use vendor specific jdbc drivers instead. For alternatives have a look at the stackoverflow conversation about this topic.

One alternative is to use UCanAccess. To use UCanAccess in KNIME you have to copy the required jar files (ucanacces-xxx.jar, jackcess-xxx.jar, commons-lang-xx.jar, commons-logging-xxx.jar,hsqldb.jar) into <KNIME_INSTAL>\jre\lib\ext and register the driver jar (<KNIME_INSTAL>\jre\lib\ext\ucanacces-xxx.jar) as described in the database documentation. You should then be able to connect to your MS Access database via the Database Connector node by selecting net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver as database driver and using a database url similar to jdbc:ucanaccess://<full path to your mdb file>;showschema=true