No DL network type associated with Python type '<class 'tensorflow.python.framework.ops.Tensor'>' error

Dear Knimers

I’m getting the following error when running a simple Keras auto-encoder within the -DL Python Network Creator- node:

ERROR DL Python Network Creator 0:90       Execute failed: No deep learning network type associated with Python type '<class 'tensorflow.python.framework.ops.Tensor'>'.
Please check your assignment of 'output_network' within the script and make sure you are not missing any KNIME extensions.

This piece of python code used to work fine before but not anymore whatever the version I use of KNIME or the conda environment I set. The amazing thing is that if I run the Python code inside the node, I do not get any error and everything works fine. The error happens when the node tries to transfer the Keras model from Python to KNIME.

I’m including here a minimalist workflow with two DL Python Network Creator- nodes, the left one works fine whereas the 2nd one fails to transfer the Keras NN model and throws the above mentioned error:

20210906 DL Python Network Creator Execution Problem.knwf (88.5 KB)

Did anybody face this problem before and if fixed, could you please shed some light on how to solve it ? Your help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi @aworker,

Could you try rephrasing line 41 to

output_network = autoencoder

and see if this fixes the problem? The output_network variable is expected to be of a Keras model type, whereas encoded is a Tensor.



Hi @MarcelW

Thanks a lot for your prompt help. I really appreciate it :smiley: !

Your hint led me to the source of the problem. My code used to work a while ago but since then Keras and tensorflow have evolved. The Keras library I was calling exists but was encoding the Keras NN as a Tensorflow type:

as shown on the above highlighted snapshot.

I made the change you suggested plus the following:


from tensorflow.keras.layers import Input, Dense, Conv2D, MaxPooling2D, UpSampling2D
from tensorflow.keras.models import Model


from keras.layers import Input, Dense, Conv2D, MaxPooling2D, UpSampling2D
from keras.models import Model

and now the final model is definitely of Keras type. Many thanks @MarcelW :blush: :+1: !

Best wishes



Cool! Glad I could help :slight_smile:.

Yeah, the different TensorFlow/Keras versions can be a little confusing. And, right now, KNIME doesn’t really help to make the differences between the various versions (TensorFlow 1 vs 2, tensorflow.keras vs keras) more obvious. This is something we’re actively working on improving at the moment.



Good news :blush: !

Thanks again and looking forward to trying the new improved versions !


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