No domain values

When I try to make a conditional box plot, I get this message:

WARN      Conditional Box Plot     Selected nominal column has no domain values.

When I select another nominal column, everything works. I don't see any difference between the working column and the not-working column. Both contain a full set of strings.

What is the problem here, and how to solve it?




Domain values are stored in the data table spec and - depending on the previous nodes in the workflow - may be missing. In order to (re)create them, you can use the Domain Calculator node.

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I have tried the domain calculator and it does not work for situations where there are too many options. For example, it works with up to 60 nominal unique values, but not any more than that. This restricts things like box plots, and configuration nodes. Is there a way around this besides limiting the rows?

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Un-check Restrict number … and it will work.


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