No export when file is empty

Hi KNIME community,

Is there an option in the csv/excel writers to abort the export when there are no lines to export?

Right now, when the result of the previous step is an empty table, a file with only headers will be created. I have a few workflows with a splitter before the exports, which may result in empty outputs in some of the cases. I would be cool if, in that case, KNIME would not create the csv or excel file.

Let me know if there’s a solution to this or if this might be worth considering implementing.

Cheers, Mark.

Hello Mark,
as of now the nodes do not offer such an option. I have created a feature request for this. In the meantime you could use the Empty Table Switch node.


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your response, creating a feature request and pointing me to the Empty Table Switch node. I’ll look at it, but from the description in KNIME it looks like a good option.

Cheers, Mark.

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