no matching vars - Variable inputs not working in File Readers/Excel Readers

Can anyone help with this - I have tried using workarounds such as variable to row / row to variable and also string to path and then making variable but none of the above are working.

Hi @Sarahkno, welcome to the KNIME community!

The Path flow variables work with the Excel Reader and other file reader nodes, but there could be any number of reasons why this isn’t working in your specific case and without seeing what you are doing, it is difficult to give specific assistance without simply guessing.

Check that a Path flow variable exists prior to the Reader by looking at the flow variables on the node immediately prior to the Reader. Maybe you can post a dummy workflow, or a screenshot of your workflow at the point where you have the Reader.

Presumably you have attached a prior node to variable flow input port on the Reader, for example, and executed the workflow up to that point? If you haven’t, it won’t know about the variable.


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