No reference to WF after upgrade to v. 4.6.1

Made upgrade from v 4.5.2 to 4.6.1. My working window has about 10 open WFs I constantly use. They are located as tabs across main window. Unpredictably two of them after upgrade said there is no reference to WF. Also, these WFs did not appear in Local WF search. I can assume that those two did not been open after upgrade. I open and close KNIME number of times before it happened.
Happily I have previous version completely functional and was able to restore WFs. But now I have an open question - how many WFs I lost in new installation. Seems last upgrade has number of surprises.

Something is really strange. My 4.5.2 workspace has 14603 files and 11750 folders.
New 4.6.1 workspace has 12605 files and 10254 folders. What could be a reason for this?

As for network solution, it lost 90% of nodes on opening. Happily export from 4.5.2 and import to 4.6.1 resolved the issue. In general network solution update becoming worst from version to version. I lost some node connection updating to 4.5.2. See my previous posts on it.

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Hello @izaychik63 ,

sorry for the inconvenience.

Did I understand correctly that you were able to upgrade your AP to 4.6.1 and now you are wondering why your knime-workspace folder has got less files and folders than in case of the previous AP’s version?
Are you sure there are not more versions of APs on your systems parallel pointing to more knime-workspace locations? (I am asking because I do not understand how else did you managed to calculate the size of knime-workspace folder for the two different version of AP, furthermore how did you managed export your preferences from the old one and after import it into the new one if you have upgraded the AP first.)

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you, @dora_gcs, for reply.
Before I did an upgrade, I made a copy of KNIME installation and WS. Also, after upgrade KNIME made a copy of WS on its own. Unfortunately I deleted it.

Hi @izaychik63 ,

thank you for the clarification.

Making backup is always a wise decision it is a pity you have deleted it in this case.

Also worth trying the new version before upgrading / installing the new one (keeping the old one parallel on you system for a while) and exporting your Preferences if you have any. (You can find info for this in this post:
Upgrade to 4.4.0 did not migrate extensions - #4 by Daniel_Weikert)

Back to the present situation: do you experience any abnormality except that the knime-workspace folder contains less files and folders than it had using 4.5.2 version?


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