"No such node ID: " Error

I’m running into some trouble running my workflow on the KNIME webportal. Other workflows are able to be executed, however, the one I built on R4.3 I keep on getting this error:

My application software is on R4.3 and the server is on R4.10.3. Is there any reason these two versions wouldn’t work well together and generate this error?

I can attach my workflow in case I missed something, but I didn’t think I had any nodes the servers couldn’t handle (unless deprecated nodes don’t jive with Server R4.10.3).

If anyone also knows where I can find the .knwf file after exporting then I can upload that file here.

Hello @mvaldes,

You didn’t indicate which maintenance release of AP 4.3.x you’re on specifically, but it’s probably irrelevant. If your KNIME Server is running 4.10.3 then it is probably running executor version 4.1.3.

What this means is that your workflow, designed in a 4.3.x AP environment, is being run on an executor of a lower version (4.1.x). If the workflow is giving you the error “No such node ID”, then it must not know what it is - either because of updating an existing node, or a new node entirely from 4.3.x. Either way, the executor is saying it has no idea what you’re talking about.

The best way to resolve this issue is to update your KS/KE server installation to latest (KS4.12.2/KE4.3.2 as of this writing) and then run an update cycle on your AP client (File> Upgrade KNIME) as well. Once you have everything updated, I expect that your errors should go away.



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