Node Column Expression with an array

I have the following code in my node Column expression and it works pretty good. I tried the boxed loop with one row and 12 columns resulting because of the loop in 66 splitted columns.
My question is: How many rows or columns can
I use in this array because I cannot see the dimensions (rows and columns) of the array ??.
Source Code cited (see below):

var a = arrayCreate(0)
for (var j = 2; j <= 12; j++)
    for (var i = j; i <= 12; i++)
        a = arrayAdd(a, column(i) - column(j - 1))
arraySubset(a, 1, arrayLength(a))

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Hi @Ol_Broenner

I don’t think there is such a hard limit. KNIME will eventually start to struggle with the number of columns but where that becomes imminent depends a lot of factors so I’m afraid there is no real answer to your question.

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