node connecting with apple numbers app

hi everyone, how can I connect a node to an apple numbers file?

Hi. @Enrico_2 .
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Maybe you can export the Numbers file to Excel format and then open it in KNIME.


Yes, it is a possible solution.
I don’t have a license for Excel on my Mac, so I wanted to understand if there is a direct connection with Numbers to avoid multiple steps.
Thank you for your time


You can export it to CSV format and read it in KNIME with csv reader node.


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I made it.
thanks for your help

Hi @Enrico_2

Can you provide some clues about your solution?


Yes, of course. I converted the Apple Numbers app file into csv on my Mac ( I did the same process as you did at the beginning by downloading Exel, without purchasing the license) so that I can use the nodes" Exel read" or “CSV read”


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