Node contributions to Knime


User delivered components is a great way to extend an open source project. Some projects have been phenomenally successful with this approach and other projects have been more often developed internally by creator(s) or maybe the user contributions are just assimilated so some external users don't see the difference.

I think it would be great if we could foster some solid open source external user contributions for this wonderful platform. I for one am still picking up Java and eclipse but have some ideas in mind and would be willing to contribute in any way I could. Even testing or documentation help.

What do you think would be an ideal way to open up node development and get a centralized community work on extending this platform? I know some users have commented that they are doing things themselves.

Please everyone contribute your ideas and thoughts on this topic. It would also be interested to see what type of environments everyone is using or thinking about using Knime in.

Best Regards,