Node drag and drop intermittently stops working on macOS


I am using a wireless mouse on a Macbook Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1. For days it will work perfectly and then suddenly it decides that it cannot pick up a node for dragging. The next day, perhaps the next hour, it starts to work perfectly gain.

I can get by with it, but it us certainly irritating and baffling in equal measure - when it chooses to misbehave.

Any suggestions would be welcome. For my part, if the penny drops and I understand what has happened, I shall post that to the communiuty.

22nd January 2024


Hi @LaurieMoseley,

I think I have observed the behavior as well on macOS. When this happens again could you check if the hover effects and functionality on nodes still works: That is, does the node action bar above the appear properly when you hover over the node or does this not work either? If that doesn’t work either, could check if pressing Esc multiple times solves the issue? This has worked consistently for me in the past… It seems that in some non-reproducible cases, the selection of nodes isn’t properly finished which leads to this weird behavior.

Best regards,

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Thank you Stefan. The problem now seems to have gone away, but I suspect that the problem is (at least in part) due to my pressing the wireless mouse inconsistently. Some mouse spots seem to be more receptive than others.

Despite the problem now being resolved I am grateful for your advice.

Best wishes


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