Node for Collect data each 3 column

I have a table that repeats column pattern DATE / STRING / AMOUNT

This is a result of creating a collection column and after some nodes, append some collection lines. (see table1)
When I,ve made a Split collection Column, the result was a huge table that repeats de columns (see table2)


I am trying to find a way to make a loop or other way to create a collection column for each 3 columns.

Then I will Transpose this new collection table and then split the collection, in order to create a table that contain the data only in 3 columns

May you help me?


Here is my suggestion:

collection.knwf (57.7 KB)

Feel free to ask your questions after checking the workflow and let me know if it’s what you were looking for.


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Armin, thank you very much for your help. I am a begginer user of knime.
Is it possible to get the outpu table in just one collumn?
What I am trying to get is just one collumn for the field data, one for string and one for the amount
The result should be a tabel with 3 collumns and 1,065 rows, considering the null data.

If I’m getting you right, this should be what you want:

collection.knwf (112.2 KB)

The dataset you have provided has 11 rows and 216 columns so we have 2376 cells. By dividing it to 3 we have 792 which is the number of rows including missing values. By excluding missing rows we have 127 rows.

I’m here to answer any further questions.


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Perfect!!! Thank you very much!!
You are so kind!