Node-icons and dialogs with HiDPI (linux)

Hej all,

I just got a new laptop with 4k screen, which still seems to be a problem in Linux. I am using XFCE as windows environment, but see the same problems on a live USB Manjaro-KDE. Finally I got everything scaled I am using so far, including “regular” java programs and also Eclipse 2020-06. With KNIME I still have some problems, though.

With KNIME 4.1, nothing really worked: all fonts were small and there was no nice scaling at all. But I did not try too much, as I knew 4.2 would be there with an updated Eclipse.
The main-screen and menus are looking ok now with KNIME 4.2. But the node-icons and dialogs are still not scaled, which especially for the dialogs is a pain. (see attached screenshot)

I tried all ways of using GDK_SCALE or putting -Dsun.java2d.uiScale into the knime.ini, but nothing worked.
Does anybody know of a workaround for this, or is the KNIME team already working on something to fix this?


Hi Julian,

The Knime team is working on a new UI currently which may address the issue. No time table yet on that coming out.

Do you get the same issue with views, specifically vies like the “Interactive Table (local)”?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I also have the scaling problem with “normal” views like the one from the “Interactive Table (local)” or just from the “CSV Reader”. Also the views of my own nodes are only very small visible. Somehow the Java settings are not delegated through to the default dialogs.
The tables in the JavaScript nodes are looking nice, but they are rendered by a web browser, right?


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