Node Integration to DB Connector


I developed a Node that runs a sql statement on a database after establishing a connection to it.

The next step would be to exclude the database connection from this node to be able to connect to any database via the according database connector node.

Is there any possibility to get the source code of the Node DB Query Reader or DB Table Selector?

It would help me a lot understanding how I need to develop my node.

Thank you!

Hi @Keurkyyy
The sources for the DB nodes are not public on github /bitbucket,
but you can access them as described here:


Hi Gabriel,

thank you, I could find and open the classes mentioned in your instruction.
Unfortunately, I receive the following error when I try to open the classes of the DB Query Reader node:

Do you have an idea what might be the problem here?

Hey @Keurkyyy

Do you have install sources checked in the target platform configuration?


I had to switch to the nightly build, then it worked fine.
Thank you!

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