Node List Panel for Workflow


I was wondering (and unable to confirm with searches) if there is a panel for Knime Analytics Platform that could give you a list of only the nodes you have used in the current workflow.
Or a filter view on the Node Repository panel that would only show the nodes you have in your workflow.

If that view/list panel could be used to open the configuration window for a node you are interested in, I think it could be a handy shortcut vs finding the node you are after within the workflow.
(Think large inherited workflow, not the logic/style you normally build in, not using variables etc etc :slight_smile: )

Extra points if a node could be dragged onto the workbench with or without existing config included as required.

All the best

Hi @mikeryates and welcome to the forum.

Currently the closest thing we have to this, which you have probably already found, is the Ctrl-F feature to find nodes at the current level of a workflow:

From what you’re describing, it sounds like you are looking for an easier, more centralized way to access configuration dialogs in large workflows. I can pass your suggestions on to our UI team :slight_smile:

Definitely a handy function and I appreciate the search working on both the node type and its name.