Node Missing from Node Repo - Big Query Connector

I’m using Knime 4.7 on my M1 Mac. After installing the Big Query Connector node, it’s not appearing in my node repository or showing up in workflows that I’m installing with that node present.

When I check the installed extensions I see the Knime Big Query package installed, but I still can’t see the node in my repo, I can’t drag and drop it into my workspace, and I don’t know how to go about using this node.

Has anyone else had the same issue with this node or any other extensions?

I’ll note that I tried fully uninstalling Knime and installing a previous version, Knime 5.0. I encountered the same issue when I reinstalled the Knime Big Query extension, even with this older version.

Hi @wsinsightsteam and welcome to KNIME’s Forum!

You stated that you can’t drag and drop the node into the workspace. Are you dragging it from this web page (Google BigQuery Connector – KNIME Community Hub)? If so, can you include a snapshot of the error you received?


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Hi @dash_brookhart – we install the BigQuery node from the Install Knime Extensions Big Data packages.

Here’s a screenshot confirming that the package is installed.

And here’s a screenshot demonstrating that we’re not actually able to see or use BigQuery in the node repository.

Hi @wsinsightsteam,

Hmm that’s interesting. Would you mind trying the following? Go to the following link which is to the Google BigQuery Connector node on KNIME’s Community Hub. Try dragging and dropping the node into one of your workflows and see if it populates or throws an error.


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@dash_brookhart When I drag and drop, it prompts me to install the node

However, when I try to click the “next” button and proceed with install, the next button doesn’t activate and the screen doesn’t change. The only thing I can do is hit cancel and close the window. Knime is telling me Big Query is already installed, but it doesn’t appear in the node repositiory.

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