Node Monitor Suggestion - Table Dimensions

The Node Monitor is a great tool when developing and testing workflows.
I have a suggestion to perhaps make it even better though.
Would you consider adding the dimensions of the table to the Output Table view of the node monitor?
I often want to verify that rows were added or removed as expected, and currently the only way to do that is to manually open the output table from the node itself (unless I'm missing something). The number of columns might also be useful (though perhaps a bit less so).




I just noticed that if I hover over the outports, a tooltip shows the dimensions of the table for that outport. Very nice! Still, it might also be nice to have it displayed in the node monitor. I have been using KNIME for a long time, and only now noticed the hover feature. Having it in the node monitor might make it more obvious.




I feel this is related to my "unified metadata approach" request:

I've been toying around with XML parsing to that end , but the result is far from satisfying -- also because it requires saving workflows to disk in order to use standard file-based nodes. This is obviously not sustainable for tracking massively automated flows during execution through updating their labels with key variable/spec values, which is what I was (also) getting at.

Maybe the cross-workflow keyword search showcased at this year's UGM will provide some basis for this, we'll see.