Node Monitor view: enable preference settings, add column types


I have a wish:

The view "Node Monitor" starts always with the "Show variables" option when I start KNIME. I think 99% of all KNIME users will use the option "Show output table".

Does it make sense to make this the default view or at least let the users define their default option in a preference menu? Is Someone else there  who supports this feature?


If the "Node Monitor" view will also show the column type (not just the column name), that would be a great enhancement.



Hi Frank!

I always use the Node Monitor view for variables, because I mainly use it to see at which state my loop currently is. Changing the default always makes a few other users happy and others not.

But I see your point, I just added a feature request that the default option for the node monitor can be configured in the preferences. 

(But we are past feature freeze for 3.2... this might take until december)

Best, Iris

I agree with Frank on this feature request.  It is the first thing I have to do when starting KNIME, I have got used to it now, but colleagues who use KNIME only now and again always forget this setting.

Hi guys,

good news, Thor found a way to make both of us happy. We will in future save the last configuration of the node monitor.

(However, it won't get into the 3.2 release, sorry...)

Best, Iris

Thank you for considering the feature in one of the next versions. This "problem" with the node monitor is the only topic that makes me unhappy. All the other KNIME features I like very much.