Node name truncation

In the new UI version 5.1.2 the node names are still not sorted alphabetically, and I also found that node names are being truncated for some of the nodes. I still prefer the tree view layout as you can find nodes much easier and actually see the full names.

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Hi @Willem ,

thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on the node repository (the visuals, not sorting alphabetically).
Just to be sure, you are aware that you can drag&drop any output port of nodes in your workflow to get better search results showing only nodes with a matching input?!

Have a nice day,

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Hi nan,

But what if you are looking for your first node? I also tried the search and the tags, but when I looked for REST nodes, but finding the tag was also not very efficient as none of the tags were ordered. Probably flex being used to fit all the items in the display area, which is an easy way to fit items in, but not good for UX.

As a long time user I also relatively know what nodes are called or under what groups to find them or similar nodes for the group.
Here is the same search in the old Tree View layout:

Oh, I see the problem. This is a particularly nasty search term. Ordering tags that match the search string first makes sense to me; going to investigate this further. I also see some potential to improve the ordering of nodes, though that would rather promote all the …foREST… nodes.
For a short term solution to this particular case, you can extend your search term to “rest web” and get much better results (alternatively search for “request”).

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