Node not taking latest changes

Hi Gurus,


I am making changes to my node dialog and node model classes and creating jar with new changes in eclipse and then copying the new jar file to dropins folder under KNIME installation folder.

Strange thing is KNIME analytics is not picking the new changes as still referring to the code and new code seems to be not being picked up by KNIME because i have added new string dialog component to existing tab and i don't see new string dialog even after restarting my KNIME analytics.

Restarted twice but still no luck.

Any help would be great.. 

Just now exported my original node with new changes as new jsp and dropped it into my dropins folder knime and i can see changes in configuration but where as my original node is not reflecting the changes even after restarting KNIME couple of times.

Where i can find cache so that i can clear it so that KNIME can pick latest changes

Have you incremented the version number, for example by adding .qualifer to the end?

can you help me with it on how to increment the version number

Got answer to this from other forum post which you replied and you are awesome.On the same point i have a questions lets say in my dropins folder if i drop two versions of the node i.e one jar file org.demo_1.0.1 and other with name org.kodali_1.0.0 because when i change version in plugin.xml it seem to be generating jar with relevant values so which one KNIME will be loading in node repository?


Just for others reference

Well, I'd guess both those plugins will be loaded.

If the nodes in those plugins have the same id's, location and package structure I'm not sure what would happen.