Node : Read MDB

Dear Knimers,

Hope all doing well!

Please need your help, I am using KNIME 4.3.4

unable to see the node ’ Read MDB’

I am trying read the MS access file.

appreciate if any help on this.

Thank you!

As far as I can tell, the Read MDB node reads MOE files, not MS Access files.

Have you tried the Microsoft Access Connector node?


Maybe it is this?


Thank you @mlauber71

Unable to see Microsoft Access Connector Node in the node repository

I am using KNIME 4.3.4

HI @Pragadeshgp you can just drag and drop the note from the hub to your worflow.

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@Pragadeshgp the node is part of the KNIME Database extension. You might have to install it:

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@mlauber71 Thanks a lot!
it worked!

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@Pragadeshgp glad if worked :slight_smile: