Node Repository Fuzzy Search via keyboard

Nodes cannot be inserted via keyboard return button when in “fuzzy search” mode. Node insertion via keyboard return is supported in basic search mode, and should function the same in fuzzy search.

Also, it would be much cleaner and easier to automate node insertion with a few text based search enhancements. if you could force a “fuzzy search” via a special character at the end like *, and trigger an exact match literal search by surrounding your text in quotation marks, it would simplify the search process and allow quicker keyboard control over the search process while typing.

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I am bumping to try and get more support for better node search and insertion via keyboard. Here is a tease of one of my current macro controller pages (to see if that generates some more interest)…

With these node search improvements I would be able to create universal macro profiles and share them with the community. Each buttons drop in the node described, connect them to the node that was selected on the workflow and then open up the configuration window. I also have macros / shortcut keys for various workflow UI functions as well.

Hi @iCFO

thank you for your input, this is very valuable for us. Using KNIME completely via keyboard was always a important topic for us, also when you consider accessibility.

I forwarded this to our UX Engineers who are currently redesigning our GUI.

But actually this is working for me…

Can you explain me what you did?

I do:

  • set the node repository to fuzzy search
  • select a node
  • Press CTRL+Space
  • Type search term
  • Use button down to select node
  • Press Enter
  • Node is connected after current selected node
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@iCFO Your suggestion was so good, I didn’t have anything to add to it. :smiley:

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@Iris - The “Enter” button appears to be working with fuzzy search now after a computer restart. Not sure what happened there, but my enter button would not insert nodes when in fuzzy search mode for some reason…

That will at least allow me a way continue building more extensive controller profiles that can be shared (although they would only function correctly in fuzzy search mode). However, I would still ask you to pass the text based search enhancements over to you development team. The ability to use some text symbol like * for fuzzy search (with other symbols for standard / exact match searches) would speed up and simplify search via keyboard, and us to create universally stable macro controller profiles that are not “user setting” dependent.

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