Node Repository search gets very slow


I am using KNIME on multiple PCs and on two of them the node repository search gets sometimes extremely slow to the point of KNIME not responding for a few seconds.

This does not happen on my work computer which is quite old. It happens on my personal desktop and laptop (desktop is a I7 7700 and 16GB ram). I see similar post from years ago with much older versions. All machines are using 3.5.3. Difficult to pin this to hardware performance.

It happens often but randomly - a few searches might be extremely slow and the next one works fine. I have been trying to look at background processes that might cause this part hard to detect anything specific.

I can only say I also sometimes suffer from this issue. Do you have harddisk or ssd?

I have a SSD and it is a few month old mid-high end desktop.

I scanned through my startup list to compared against what I have active on my work PC and after closing Steam Store, EA origin and Ad-Muncher ad blocker the issue seemed to minimize.

This are all programs installed on my personal PCs but not on work PC. I suspect that Ad-Muncher would be the first point of concern - difficult to understand how Steam Store would cause such a slow down.

I can test these 3 individually to find the culprit.

Same behavior here (quite “used” to it, so I never reported it). For me, it happens on the Mac, since several KNIME versions (i.e. not only the recent one), and I’m running non of the above programs, so I assume it’s a more fundamental issue not caused by 3rd party applications or operating system.

Here’s the exact behavior: Start typing something into the Node Repository search bar (two, three, four letters such as “tabl”), then the spinning beachball appears and KNIME is non-responsive for several seconds.