Node: Text View (Labs) with Flow Variables

Hi, I am trying to figure out the new “Text View (Labs)” node to display text on the new PDF/HTML report.
As you can see, the node is connected to my variable called “Execution Date&Time”.

When I go by the node over view here I add my variable with “$$[“Execution Date&Time”]”.
But, this is not working. Any tips or ideas?
2023-10-03 10_15_04-Window

Hi @pfmd86 -

I think your quotes are the problem. Try something like this (I stole it from an example WF on the Hub):

$$["Country"] was ranked #$$["rank"] in terms of CO2 emissions in $$["Year"].
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I found the problem. When the variable has a “&” it does not work. And since my variable comes from a “Table Row To Variable”-Node. It is created with an “&” in the name.
When I change the name from “Execution Date&Time” to “Execution” all works fine.


Interesting - thanks for the followup, and glad you found a workaround.

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