Node to convert URLs into clickable links?

Hi folks,

is there a way/node to turn a column containing URLs into a column that contains 'clickable' links? Like having an accession-number column that should be turned into a link column to the corresponding page by providing an url-template. The idea is that the user could then click on a link cell and the according page would show up in the web-browser.

It's obviously not that hard to do (with a little java/knime background), but I just wanted to make sure, that I don't reinvent the wheel.

Cheers, Holger

Yes, that is possible. I have a viewer that does something like that... When do you need it?

I am planing to release a preliminary version end of this year.

Please contact me under if you need it earlier.



Hello Bernd,

im interested in your node. Can you share it with me?


is it already too late?
sorry didn’t see the messge.
which code are you talking about? It should all be there (somewhere) didn’t look at it for years…

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