node to run on error

Hi, I’m new to the community.

I would like help with a flow, I have two joins, and if Join1 has an error, my flow would automatically run join2, would that be possible?

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Well, some tips for you… The community can help you if you print your flow and bring us a demo of the data, workflow… Can you upload something to us?

For your question, knime have “try and catch node” to make this solution. IF the first path have a problem, you can use a second path to substitute the first one.

An example from this case: Try Catch within a Loop - #2 by Thyme

“Try” to start the process for monitorion, “Catch” to register the operation and decide IF was sucess or error situaltion and take a decision, pass or change the flow using the second condition.

I hope that it can help you,



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