Node to store layer visualization


are there any plans to add a node that can store (and import and export) layer visualizations? It would help with the upcoming Geospatial View node to store this information in a file. It would also be great to be able to edit that file in a text editor. So something similar to a .lyrx or .qml file.

Thank you!

PS: still not able to choose “geospatial” tag when creating a new topic. ;(

Hi @Awiener -

Let me ask internally to see what I can find out.

(I moved your thread to the Community Extensions category, where the geospatial tag exists)

Hello @Awiener .
yes we plan to support this in the future. For more details see the Github issue.


Hello @tobias.koetter ,

thank you, sounds great. Just to emphasize: My wish was the ability to import and export these visualization files in a node. So that all polygons can be drawn “with a red border and a red 30% transparent fill, for example” throughout different nodes, even in different workflows. Just like a layer file in ArcGIS or QGIS. Thanks and looking forward to the node.

Hello @Awiener ,
sorry i miss read your request :blush:
So you are looking for a way to export and import visual styles. I have created another ticket to investigate if this is feasible.
Thanks for your feedback.

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