Node to use for assigning a name in Excel


I just wanted to ask for help in determining the node I should use to assign a particular name in excel. Here is the table without the assigned names:

Here is what I want the table to look like, equal assignment of names in this order:


Hope you can help me.


How do you know which name should be assigned to which record?


Hi @ann_knime,

if you are wanting to assign expenses by dividing the table up into the number of names that you have, and then marking expenses “blocks” in order of the people, then you could do it like this:


Sequential Expenses Assignment.knwf (80.8 KB)

That way, if big Boss Jim ever decides he wants to claim his third, you can just add him to the People table :wink:


Hi takbb, :smile:

Thank you so much for your response. Will try using the workflow you have recommended. Thank you so much! :grinning:

Hi takbb,

When I tried opening the workflow, I encountered this error:

Can you please confirm the name of the extensions that I need to install to use the counter generation and value lookup nodes?

Thanks so much for your help.

Hi @ann_knime,

Counter Generation is part of the KNIME Data Generation extension (which you can also find out on the Hub if you look for the node), Value Lookup is included since KNIME 5.0 in all download packages (part of the KNIME Base extension that is always present).

For the latter you have to install a newer KNIME version than what you are using (which is why it does not find the node, even if it is part of the Base extension that is always there – just not in KNIME AP <5.0).

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