Node tree in Knime 3


I'm really pleased to see the node tree tidied up a bit, however I still think the reorganisation is far too conservative.

If you look at it from an end user point of view, the contents in Knime labs makes no sense. For example, why have statistics under both analytics and knimelabs, it's so confusing for the user to know what's available. Just clear out knimelabs and have them moved to the most appropriate sections. You could have the node text in orange or red or something similar to denote it's still in development, or have it measured in the node information panel.

likewise, ditch the community folder and move things to the appropriate section, makes no sense to have a chemistry folder and then have the vast majority of chemistry under community. You could have community nodes in blue text or something similar.  


Hi Simon,

that's an interesting thought!  We do want to make sure people know what they are using (it's a bit rough for our poor developers to get blamed for unfinished Labs-nodes or un-supported community contributions). But your approach would make this pretty visible as well...

Let us ponder this a bit - I am not quite sure if font color is the right approach. But we also don't want 10+ node decorators...

Thanks! Michael