Node Versions and the KNIME Server

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Firstly I couldn’t decide which forum category would be best for this question - so apologies if I am wrong.

I would like some advice please on an issue I am having:
The KNIME server is not currently updated past 4.6.1 for a number of reasons. That means I also have my AP at 4.6.1. I have been passed some work from a colleague to modify and upload to the server. The colleague doesn’t use the server, so they are fully updated. Because of this there are a number of nodes which are above 4.6.1. Is there a way I can get previous versions of nodes, for example KNIME Textprocessing is at Version 4.6.2.v… Is there a way to get and download Version 4.6.1?

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I have solved my own problem - I went to file → Install KNIME extensions and unticked the “Show only the latest versions of available software” box and voila! the version for 4.6.1 is there.

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