node which can read sdf-files

hey there,

I´d like to create a node which is able to read sdf-files. The file contains some biological/chemical properties of different molecules (as a table).

Now the aim is to classify the values of each property into different clusters. (If the values are within one range, they should be ordered in the same cluster.)

how can I realize this idea in my Can I use the provided BufferedDataTable or do I have to replace it by a new own-created structure? (I also was thinking about a hash-table..)?

The general question is where do I have to insert/set the specific function for a new created node?

thank you in anticipation!

There is already a node for reading SDF files! You need to install the "KNIME Base Chemistry Types & Nodes" extension via the Update Manager.

thank you, i didn´t know about that!

but this could be very helpful for my further developments:) thanks.