Nodes available with Knime 3.6.0 (windows)

I updated my Knime from 3.5.3 to 3.6 on Win10. My workflows using Palladian complained about missing nodes and Knime offered to download - unfortunately I can’t click on next to proceed.
Then I installed manually via the repository; I tried both the current community version and the nightly build, and although it installs (and restarts), the nodes aren’t anywhere to be seen in the node-list (e.g. by search) and my workflows still complain. Funny thing is though, in the list of installed nodes, Palladian is listed. Removal and reinstall didn’t help.
Any suggestions?

Hey @docminus2,

Please uninstall the HCS nodes from KNIME Analytics Platform. The HCS nodes from the Community Contributions have a conflicting dependency. Also, we’re closely working with the maintainers of the HCS nodes to get the fix out as soon as possible.

Sorry for the trouble,


Thanks. This seems to work.
Sorry for not seeing other posts about this topic, I thought I did a thorough search, but I guess I didn’t.

No need to be sorry. Thanks for reporting the problem and glad to hear that it works now.

Have a nice day,


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