nodes displaying "No XML available!" in node description. Also views display as NoName


I am having two seperate unusual issues with a couple of my nodes
NB : These are for different nodes, so the issues aren’t linked (I think).

Firstly, when trying to open the views of my nodes, the view is names “NoName”, despite the fact that in the XML i have named it “spectrum visualizer”… etc. In the node description the views name matches “spectrum visualizer”, it is just when i right click and i see “View : NoName”

Secondly, a few of my nodes when clicking on them and viewing the node description display “No XML available!” and the nodes are pink. However, the NodeFactory.xml and are in the same directoy, and share the same names, so I am wondering if anyone has experience with this? I have tried remaking the XML, and that didn’t help.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
These issues are fairly small and I think should be easy fixes, I just havn’t been able to find a way of fixing it though.


Hi @toblatp,
Probably something with the XML is not right (like a wrong tag), take a look into your KNIME Log / Console if there are any warning or error messages related to XML parsing.


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