Nodes to mix to tables at my way

Hello and thanks for the help in advance!

Im going to get to the point:

I have a table that has the backlog, tickets to work with. In another table i have the agents that are in the swift and that have to work with the tickets.

My main goal is to join the data and be able to asign workers to the tickets but no idea of how, heres where i need help, its not a “one node question”, is more like a help to how to go and what nodes to use… I know how to use a simple join but i want to asign various tickets to a worker for example, i cant make a priority process but dont know how to asign the tickets to the agentes.


Are there any rules for assigning the tickets or do you just want a random, approximately equal assignment? Also are the tickets all numbers?


Yes, it will be rules but i will develop them after, what i want is to split the tickets by agentes, lets say i have 40 tickets and 6 agentes, i want the knime to mix it and split the tickets equally. the tickets are a combination os numbers and 1 letter.


Here are two workflows you can try. The second one I adapted from a post by @HansS. He deserves the credit. It distributes the tickets more evenly than mine, but you can pick.
Ticket Assignment – KNIME Community Hub
Ticket Assignment 1 – KNIME Community Hub


@rfeigel solved! your version helped me.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Alfonsoab , welcome to the KNIME community!

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