Nodes Triggering

Hi All, 

I've been trying to find a way for nodes triggering. I've read this post but can't really understand it.

In my workflow, I have a few separate workflows. I need to start my second workflow when the first one had finished. These two workflows are not connected to each other. 

Can anyone advice? Thanks in advanced.



I've found this:

KNIME v2.0 is supposed to support workflow loops and flow variables? What are they and how do I use rhem?

Loops and variables are new features in v2.0. We have disabled them by default because they are still in the beta stage (though they should be fully functional). You can enable these features by adding a new line to the 'knime.ini' file (or 'eclipse.ini' if you're running the SDK version) located in the KNIME installation directory:

After restarting KNIME you will find a new top-level category "Loop Support" and a few new nodes in the "Meta" category. You will also notice that each node dialog has a new tab "Flow Variables", which allows you to overwrite individual settings of a node using flow variables. A full description of these new features does not yet exist but will be published shortly.

from here.  Will try it first.


if you connect nodes via the flow variable ports they are connected one after the other. (

In this way you can e.g. connect two file writers, which cannot be executed in parallel.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris, 

Thanks for your reply. I think I understand how the flow variable ports work and been using it for other purposes. 

However, for current purpose, I don't think that you understand what I actually need it for. 

Let me give you an example, let's say I have two separate workflows that start with a separate file reader nodes.

My question is, how can I start the second file reader node (of the second workflow of course) after the first workflow has finished without manually start the second file reader node.

How can I use the flow variable to trigger the second file reader soon after the first workflow completed?

Appreciate your comment and thanks in advance.